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"creating the change
I couldn't see around me."


This is me

Lexy McDonald is a 21-year-old, Australian entrepreneur and change-maker who is so passionate about youth empowerment, women's rights, and inspiring people to step into their best selves.

She is the founder of HerHelp which is the #1 All in One Wellness app with an aim to encourage, guide, and support people through daily challenges and with over a 100 professionals on the app with thousands of sessions from fitness, nutrition, finance, career coaching and so much more!!

Youth Empowerment

  Women in Tech

Innovation   Young CEO   Leadership  Empower 

Lexy McDonald HerHelp Speaking
Lexy McDonald. HerHelp

Lexy McDonald created the mobile application HerHelp when she was just 17 after being bullied growing up, since it’s launch Lexy has been able to help thousands of people across the world with her app now being a multi million dollar company with 100s of professional resources from dance workouts to financial education and everything in between, her mission is to make mental health and wellness support so much more accessible to anyone and everyone that needs it.  While also inspiring the people around to her make the change they can’t see around them.

 Her Tedx Talk

video coming soon

Recent Awards

  •  2023 Diana Award Winner

  • WA Young Person of the Year for Innovation for a Sustainable Future 2022


  • 7News Young Achiever of the Year for Innovation 2022


  • Women in Tech WA Innovation 2022


  • Curtinnnovation Humanities Award 2022

Lex in the Media

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